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Glossary: Asexuality-Related terms

Definitions from the AVENwiki Lexicon

  • asexual: A person who does not experience sexual attraction
  • sexual: a person who does experience sexual attraction
  • romantic orientation: who a person desires romantic relationships with. Can be homo-, hetero-, bi-, pan-, a-, or anything else that sexual orientation can be.
  • aromantic: a person who does not experience romantic attraction
  • romantic: A person who experiences romantic attraction
  • grey-a/grey-asexual: a person in the gray area between sexuality and asexuality
  • demisexual: or a person who only experiences secondary sexual attraction
  • ace: slang for someone who is asexual
  • antisexual: being opposed to sexuality, or someone for whom this is true. An antisexual person may or may not be asexual.
  • squish: an aromantic crush, a desire for a platonic relationship with someone
  • indifferent: 1) used by some asexual individuals to indicate that they feel neither revulsion toward nor powerful desire to engage in sex. 2) also can be taken to mean they are indifferent toward the idea of sex in general
  • repulsed: a term used by some asexual individuals to indicate that they, personally, find sex disgusting or revolting
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