Most of these "triggers" are common. People need to GROW UP. Not just the ones who've had bad experiences in relation to these terms--because hey, nobody is making you click on a link--but also those individuals who advocate this nanny state policy. Your entire tumblr is pathetic. Anonymous

[Image Description: Animated gif of the Greek God Hades, as depicted in Disney’s Hercules turning from blue flame to red then back to blue, putting his fingers to his temples and saying, “Memo to me: Maim you after my meeting.” End description.]

For one, yes, many of these triggers are common—that is why the list is called “Common Trigger Warnings”. I commend you on taking a title and turning it into an explanatory statement.

Trauma triggers are very real. Being triggered isn’t a sign someone isn’t “grow[ing] up”. You need to do a little research before you declare real problems a matter of of people who need to grow up. Since you obviously didn’t come hear for information as much as you did to be a shit, I won’t be helping you with that. Though you’re welcome to use the Anon option again if you actually want information on triggers.

In regard to your “nanny state” comment, no one on this blog has advocated that the government make trigger warnings legally mandatory (whether or not anyone on this believes they should be, no one has advocated). But good going revealing yourself to be the kind of douche bag who uses the word “nanny state”.

Your trypophobia link. It is not safe as it claims. Anonymous

Thank you for telling us. As soon as I can figure out what’s keeping me from editing the pages and how to fix it, I’ll be sure to correct that.

Is there an adopted or foster kid privilege? Anonymous

I don’t see how there would be…?


I'd say that masculine privilege is A Thing, although it's a bit complicated with the way it intersects with male privilege. It's most clearly seen in the way that trans women (and other 'feminine' MAAB non-cis folks) get a lot more shit than trans men (and indeed all 'masculine' FAAB non-cis folks) Anonymous

Okay, so this clearly needs to be discussed before it is removed from the list.

I would like to start out saying I’m really having issues dealing with how this is phrased because there are FAAB trans women & MAAB trans men & not all non-binary people who are FAAB are masculine & ┬ánot all MAAB non-binary people are feminine. Some of that is coming from this ask specifically & some of it is coming from the way that I have seen people talk about this subject when they bring birth assignment into the equation, but I needed point it out.

I do think that you have a point, Anon, but I think you’re a little off in how you present it. Non-cis people (who may or may not ID as trans* because not everyone does) are punished for their femininity and/or masculinity and for their non-cisness, but it has a lot more to do with an intersectionality of sexism and cissexism with gender role norms than a specific axis of masculine privilege. Feel free to elaborate on your point if you disagree. I may elaborate on what I mean here in the near future.

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