I'm not denying Christian privilege, but I don't think it's universal - I think there are countries where Muslim privilege, Hindu privilege etc would exist and (unless I'm mistaken) there are countries where Athiest privilege would exist (I saw an article about religious persecution, but it wasn't my magazine so didn't read it properly). I think seeing Christianity as the main religion of the world is kind of connected to UK/US privilege. superawesomephoenix

hopelessly-romantic-cynic: This is a good point; I will add a note beside Christian Privilege on the list.

I would like to address the other probable privileges you mentioned. I think colonialism & racism really dampen some of the privilege these religions have in the counties in which they are dominant. The United States has decided that “The War on Terror” needs to be fought in the Middle East, which is perceived as “the Muslim world”. It doesn’t necessarily eliminate it (I will let other people with lived experience speak to the specific ways this affects them if anyone wants to add something), but it does effect it. Other countries aren’t sending troops into the US or the UK to change our customs and using the fact that Christianity is predominant in our culture to point out how oppressed we are.

Anyway, thank for sending us your input, and I will put a note about the non-universalness of the privilege & the US/UK-centeredness of the checklist. Please feel free to contact this blog again if you have any questions, criticism, comments, etc.

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