I'd say that masculine privilege is A Thing, although it's a bit complicated with the way it intersects with male privilege. It's most clearly seen in the way that trans women (and other 'feminine' MAAB non-cis folks) get a lot more shit than trans men (and indeed all 'masculine' FAAB non-cis folks) Anonymous

Okay, so this clearly needs to be discussed before it is removed from the list.

I would like to start out saying I’m really having issues dealing with how this is phrased because there are FAAB trans women & MAAB trans men & not all non-binary people who are FAAB are masculine & ┬ánot all MAAB non-binary people are feminine. Some of that is coming from this ask specifically & some of it is coming from the way that I have seen people talk about this subject when they bring birth assignment into the equation, but I needed point it out.

I do think that you have a point, Anon, but I think you’re a little off in how you present it. Non-cis people (who may or may not ID as trans* because not everyone does) are punished for their femininity and/or masculinity and for their non-cisness, but it has a lot more to do with an intersectionality of sexism and cissexism with gender role norms than a specific axis of masculine privilege. Feel free to elaborate on your point if you disagree. I may elaborate on what I mean here in the near future.

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