Is there an adopted or foster kid privilege? Anonymous

I don’t see how there would be…?


I'm not denying Christian privilege, but I don't think it's universal - I think there are countries where Muslim privilege, Hindu privilege etc would exist and (unless I'm mistaken) there are countries where Athiest privilege would exist (I saw an article about religious persecution, but it wasn't my magazine so didn't read it properly). I think seeing Christianity as the main religion of the world is kind of connected to UK/US privilege. superawesomephoenix

hopelessly-romantic-cynic: This is a good point; I will add a note beside Christian Privilege on the list.

I would like to address the other probable privileges you mentioned. I think colonialism & racism really dampen some of the privilege these religions have in the counties in which they are dominant. The United States has decided that “The War on Terror” needs to be fought in the Middle East, which is perceived as “the Muslim world”. It doesn’t necessarily eliminate it (I will let other people with lived experience speak to the specific ways this affects them if anyone wants to add something), but it does effect it. Other countries aren’t sending troops into the US or the UK to change our customs and using the fact that Christianity is predominant in our culture to point out how oppressed we are.

Anyway, thank for sending us your input, and I will put a note about the non-universalness of the privilege & the US/UK-centeredness of the checklist. Please feel free to contact this blog again if you have any questions, criticism, comments, etc.

I'd say that masculine privilege is A Thing, although it's a bit complicated with the way it intersects with male privilege. It's most clearly seen in the way that trans women (and other 'feminine' MAAB non-cis folks) get a lot more shit than trans men (and indeed all 'masculine' FAAB non-cis folks) Anonymous

Okay, so this clearly needs to be discussed before it is removed from the list.

I would like to start out saying I’m really having issues dealing with how this is phrased because there are FAAB trans women & MAAB trans men & not all non-binary people who are FAAB are masculine & ┬ánot all MAAB non-binary people are feminine. Some of that is coming from this ask specifically & some of it is coming from the way that I have seen people talk about this subject when they bring birth assignment into the equation, but I needed point it out.

I do think that you have a point, Anon, but I think you’re a little off in how you present it. Non-cis people (who may or may not ID as trans* because not everyone does) are punished for their femininity and/or masculinity and for their non-cisness, but it has a lot more to do with an intersectionality of sexism and cissexism with gender role norms than a specific axis of masculine privilege. Feel free to elaborate on your point if you disagree. I may elaborate on what I mean here in the near future.

Masculine isn't an inherent privilege by any stretch of the imagination. A masculine female bodied/female identified person suffers enormous prejudice in most societies because of strict gender norms. Male and masculine aren't mutually inclusive and hence don't have the same privilege. sedebrouillerseul-deactivated20

hopelessly-romantic-cynic: Thank you for your input. I would like to point out that the phrase “female-bodied” is pretty problematic and there’s no need for the word “identified” after female in the second phrase because the only people who are female are the ones who identify that way, but I’m not going to discount criticism of the content of this blog because it wasn’t perfectly-worded. Masculine privilege will be removed as soon as this is posted.

I would like to point out that masculine privilege was not supposed to be the same as male privilege; that’s why the male privilege checklist wasn’t linked to beside it & it was listed as something separate. Women & people of other genders who are read as women are both punished and rewarded for being masculine because society sees femininity as weakness but doesn’t think women & other people who aren’t read as men have the right to be masculine. Femininity is seen as “less” than masculinity & fem/femme-hatred is a real thing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that being masculine is a privilege, so that will be removed from the list.

I would like to once again thank you for your input. If anyone else has issues with the list of privileges on this blog, feel free to send us a message stating your criticism.

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