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Common Trigger Warnings

Below you will find a list (in no particular order) of common trigger warnings.  If discussing one of these things, it is considered common courtesy to put a simple “Trigger Warning: [Subject]” before a post.

Please note: This is a work in progress.  If there are any triggers you feel are missing, please feel free to drop us an ask.

  • Swearing
  • Rape
  • Abuse (physical, mental, emotional, verbal, sexual)
  • Child abuse/pedophilia
  • Self-injurious behavior (self-harm, eating disorders, etc.)
  • Talk of drug use (legal, illegal or psychiatric)
  • Suicide
  • Descriptions/pictures of medical procedures (even if they don’t contain blood or gore)
  • Descriptions/pictures of violence or warfare (including instruments of violence, such as knives or guns)
  • Corpses, skulls or skeletons
  • Needles
  • Discussions of -isms, shaming, or hatred of any kind (racism, classism, hatred of cultures/ethnicities that differ from your own, sexism, hatred of sexualities or genders that differ from your own, anti-multiple, non-vanilla shaming, sex positive shaming, fat shaming/body image shaming, neuroatypical shaming)
  • Any time slurs are used (this includes words like “stupid” or “dumb”, which are still widely considered to be socially acceptable)
  • Trans* degendering, or anti-trans* views of bodies
  • Dismissal of lived oppressions, marginalization, illness or differences
  • Kidnapping (forceful deprivation of/disregard for personal autonomy)
  • Discussions of sex (even consensual)
  • Death or dying
  • Spiders
  • Insects
  • Snakes
  • Vomit
  • Pregnancy/childbirth
  • Blood
  • Serious injury
  • Trypophobia (Link is safe.)
  • Scarification
  • Nazi paraphernalia
  • Slimy things
  • Anything that might inspire intrusive thoughts in people with OCD

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